How to take care of Mango plant in pot? | Home Garden

 After 2-3 months, when the plants settle, we will transplant them into a 20 inches pot. Flowering will start in the next season, but in 2 years, all the flowers coming on it have to be removed so that the plant can grow well. After 2-3 years of growth, it becomes our old grafted mango trees. We grew it in 20 inches pot. Now we will transplant it in a big container. A container of 24 inches or larger is best for good fruiting. So we transfer it in 24-27 inches in diameter 16-17 inches deep pot or container. 

Our pot should be well-drained and nutrition-rich soil also needed. To make best potting mix for mango tree you need, Garden soil 50%, vermicompost or well rotten cow dung compost 30%, coco peat or river sand 20%. Also add 2 handful neem cake powder. Fill soil in the container. Transplant the mango tree. Do not disturb its root ball. While planting any grafted plant, never cover the grafting part into the soil otherwise the plant will be spoiled. Now water it throughout. 

Mango is a tropical tree, so it needs a loot sunlight to thrive well. So always keep it in a place where it is sunny for 6-8 hours. After 2-3 months flowering and budding will start. After 1-2 months of flowering and budding, fruiting will start. As soon as the fruiting starts, Add 2 handful of well rotten cow dung manure per square feet, and loose the top surface lightly. In the same way, fertilize once every three months. After 1-2 months mangoes will start maturing. 

To protect the branches from braking down due to the weight of fruits, we will support them with bamboo sticks or any strong sticks. When the color of mangos starts to turn golden yellow from dark green, this means they are ready to harvest. If they are hard and not completely ripe then wrap them well in the news paper and keep them in a box for 10 days. Due to the heat from the paper mangoes will ripen in a few days. In this way you grow mango in the container and enjoy mango at home.

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