How to grow mango in a container at home?

Everyone is crazy about the taste of mangoes. No wonder it is called the king of fruits. So, I am going to tell you the easiest way to grow lots of mangoes in a pot. I will demonstrate two methods to grow mangoes. Frist by mango seeds and in the second method I will tell you about the complete technique of grafting the mango plant. The varieties of mango which can be grown in a container are:- Dashahri, Thailand, Barahmasi, and Amrapali mango variety. Grafted plants of all these varieties are easily available at any nursery near you. I will also tell you how to take care of it?

  • Mango by seeds:- How to grow mango plant from seed? remove kernel of fully ripe mango and wash it thoroughly. Soak some tissue paper in water for some time and wrap the kernel in it. Then put the kernel in a zip lock pouch and place it in a bright location for 10-12 days. Actually, the seed of mango is inside the kernel, so if you want, you can open the kernel and remove the seed from it. After 10-12 days the seed will germinate. After the germination of the seed, we will grow it in a soilless medium. Mix 50% vermicompost and 50% cocopeat and moisten it a bit. Fill it in a small container with drainage holes. Sow the seed 1 inch deep. Water only when the soil starts drying up. After 15 days, a small mango plant emerged. Place it where it can get 2 hours of sunlight in the morning.  After 40 days we see that our mango plant has grown bigger. Now, we will transplant it by mixing 80% garden soil and 20% compost in a big container. The growth of mango plants grown from seed is very slow it may take 4-5 years or even longer for such a plant to become a mature fruitful tree but the grafted plant will start fruiting within a year. So let's know how grafting is done in the mango plant.
  • Mango by grafting:- Grafting is a technique in which seed grew plant or rootstock is cut and joined to a branch of a fruit-bearing matured tree. This is why a small grafted plant also bears fruits like big trees in a year or two. When our mango plant grown from seed is 8 months old, Then will do grafting for this plant. The best time for grafting is the month of March and the monsoon. For grafting, we will select a branch of the big tree for the scion. A young branch with fresh light green leaves is not suitable for grafting. An old branch with softwood, which has dark leaves, is best for scion. We have to take a branch as thick as the stem of our plant to which graft is to be joined. Now sterilize a sharp cutter with an alcohol-based sanitizer. Sterilization of the cutter is necessary for the success of the grafting, otherwise, the infection can cause the grafting to fail. Now take the sterilized sharp blade. From 3-4 inches above the plant, making a slanting cut. Now cut the scion in exactly the same way. Now join both of them in such a way that the dark part of the rootstock is joined just above the middle part of the plant. This is called a splice grafting method. Tie them together tightly with grafting will be failed, so wrap them tightly and make them waterproof. Do not pour water on the grafted part, give water from the side of the container. After 25 days, our grafting has become successful and new shoots have started coming in it.

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