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 Nirgundi is also known as the Chinese Chaste tree, five leaved chaste trees, vitex tree grows in the warm area. It is a wild plant. If you want to grow at home or in the garden. You have to grow in the greenhouse in March or in the rainy season. Pick out the individual plants' pots when they are large and grow them in the greenhouse for the first winter. After the first winter plants them out on their permanent place.

Take a well-drained pot to fill it with a prepared mixture of garden soil and organic manure or dung manure. Then take a good quality of Nirgundi. The seeds of the Nirgundi are round and have a cap on them. So the seeds one inch deep into the prepared mixture. Cover them with soil and water gently. Germination is very usually free and quick. After a few days, you will see the seeds get germinated. Keep them in the greenhouse for the first winter. After first plant them individually in their permanent place.

This plant does not require much fertilizer add dung manure into them every one or two months. Nirgundi plants grow up to 4 meters in height. Plants bear purple showy flowers around a year. Plants bear small black color berry fruits 

Benefits of Nirgungi 

Planting this plant at home is considered a symbol of happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Medicinal Benefits of Nirgundi

  • Dengue fever is cured by boiling leaves of Nirgundi in water.
  • It is also useful in leaver problems.
  • Boiling water of Nirgungi leaves is also very effective in joint pain.
  • It is also useful in increasing digestion power.
  • Boil the leaves of Nirgundi in water and gargle with it, It also removes the bad smell of the mouth and ends toothache.
  • It also cures mouth ulcers.
  • It is also very beneficial for the problem of the period in women.     
  • Consuming its leaves is quite miraculous when there are tonsils in children.
  • When the Paste of Nirgundi roots applying to the throat it cures tonsils.
  • Consuming Nirgundi leaves proves to be a panacea for back pain and joint pain.
  • Its use is also beneficial in arthritis.
  • It cures inflammation in the body.
  • Its use is very beneficial in cough and cold.

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