How to grow Lychee plant from seed at home | Home Garden

 To grow Lychee at home first take some Lychee then you just need to waffle them. So what we want to do now with our seeds is just make sure we remove all the bits of lychee flesh on them until they're nice and clean. We don't want anything that's going to be attracting them into a glass of water for several hours just for him fully rehydrate.

 So once the seeds have a good soak. What You want to do then is damp up a piece it a good squeeze out for any extra moisture and then place your seeds on the kitchen towel.

 Snuggle them up nice and snugly bulgy and then we're gonna put them in some aluminum foil and put them on the foil and fold them.

 Write down what it is and the date you can keep track of it. So lychee doesn't need to be stratified it's a tropical fruit so we don't need to put it in the fridge. What we're going to do is we're going to put it in a drawer. Just leave it there for two weeks. 

After two weeks our seeds start to germinate or our seeds get to germinate. When our seeds germinated properly. So we want to plant our germinated little seeds.

 So take some small pots and fill them with nice quality potting soil and then give them good dowsing with water So the soil is nice, damp and ready.

 So now you have to take a little chopstick. So you want to take your chopstick and dig then take one germinated seed now gently push the seed down there you'll be about an inch or less than an inch. You don't want it too deep about an inch you see it right down there snuggled in and then we just want to cover the soil over.

 You don't need to let it wait longer in the tissue to develop a root. Saw all the other seeds in the same way. These seeds might take a week or So before they break the surface make sure to keep them warm and put them in front of the sunny window. 

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