What are the best low-maintenance vegetables to grow? | Home garden

1. Potato:-  You can grow potatoes easily in your kitchen garden.  You can grow potatoes in August, September, October, November, December, and January. For planting potatoes, you take an equal quantity of garden soil, dung manure, sand and mix them perfectly.....
 to learn the complete process hoe to grow potatoes click here

2. Tomato:- You can grow tomatoes in October or November. To grow tomatoes You have to select seeds of good quality or you can use a slice of soft ripe tomatoes. To prepare the seedling in the cocopeat or mixture of soil and dung manure. After 8-12 days tomatoes are start growing after 20-25 days transplant the seedling into another pot or growing place. Watering the plant and adding manure from time to time. Spray the plant time-to-time to keep plants healthy and batter production...….
To know the complete process of growing Tomatoes click here 

3 Lauki:- Lauki(BOTTLE GOURD) is growing in the summer and spring seasons. Take a well-drained pot. Fill the pot with the garden mixture prepared by mixing garden soil 60% and dung manure 40%. Then select good quality seeds of Lauki. Sow the seed one inch deep in the pot and cover it with a thin layer of soil and water it gently. Keep the mixture moist. After 4-5 days seed gets germinated. As the length of the plant increases. The plant starts to run over the ground due to its weak stem You can sport it with the help of a rope to climb up.

4 Cucumber:- Cucumber is grown mostly in the summer season. So you can plant it in the summer season along with the rainy season also. If we talk about months then in February-March month planting cucumber seeds is very good and in June-July for the rainy season, you can prepare plants by sowing seeds. click here

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