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 How to grow cucumber:- Cucumber is grown mostly in the summer season. So you can plant it in the summer season along with the rainy season also. If we talk about months then in February-March month planting cucumber seeds is very good and in June-July for the rainy season, you can prepare plants by sowing seeds.

 You can grow by the direct method means don't have to prepare saplings directly. You can sow seeds in big grow bags or in the big pots. And the plant which from will be creeper like. Then you have to lift the plant on a creeper net. So now starts with the good quality cucumber seed from where do we get it, so you can buy it from the market. 

After buying cucumber seeds, then you have to sow them into a big grow bag of size about 15 by 15 inches or 18 by 18 inches will be good for the result. You can plant 4 cucumber plants in an 18 by 18 inches grow bag. Then you have to extend the vine to the top. 

After taking grow bag till it with a mixture of garden soil which has a high amount of nutrition and it does not rectum water for a long time. So we need well-drained and nutrient-rich soil. To make it we need 30% cocopeat, 30% normal cow dung manure or vermicompost, and 30% garden soil

. we will add 10% nutrition to it and we can add bone meal, mustard cake, and neem cake as fertilizer. Now sow the cucumber seed at 1 cm. deep in the soil don't sow very deep.

 Cover it with the thin layer of soil and water it then keeps the grow bag or pot in full sunlight, cucumber-like sunlight for 6 to8 hours. After 7 to 8 days seeds will germinate, sometime it will take 10 to 15 days for germination depending upon the temperature of your area. When vine star grows then you have to spread it on the creeper net. After 30 days flowering will start and after 45 days you will get to harvest cucumber. 

You have to add fertilizer after every 15 to 20 days in liquid form by dissolving normal in water. You can make 3G cutting for better production. You have to maintain the moisture and keep it in full sunlight. You will get high production. You will spray neem oil on it for protection from harmful insects and whiteflies. Neem oil spray will destroy the eggs of whiteflies and keep your plant healthy.                     

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