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For planting potatoes, you take an equal amount of garden soil, dung manure, sand, and mix them perfectly. You can grow potatoes in August, September, October, November, December, and January. For planting potatoes you can take one-year-old potatoes or such potatoes which have germinated you can use a pot or a grow to beg to plant potatoes. Planting potatoes is not a difficult task. 

You make a little pit in the soil and plant the sprouted potatoes in it. And covered it with soil from above then water it. Give water for the second time when the top layer starts drying up. Do not water if the top layer is wet. After three to four days you can see the potatoes growing up. 

Keep the moisture in the soil and keep the pot in a sunny place keep giving manuring and water from time to time in it. In about three months, your potatoes are ready for harvesting. You can harvest them well.

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