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 You can grow tomatoes in October or November. To grow tomatoes You have to select seeds of good quality or you can use a slice of soft ripe tomatoes. To prepare the seedling you can use cocopeat or a mixture of 60% garden soil, dung manure 40%. Sow the seed in the mixture and water it. After 8-12 days seeds start growing. Your seedling is ready. 

After 20-25 days transplant the seedlings in the prepared mixture of cocopeat -2part + perlite/ vermiculite -1part and vermicompost -1part. At the place of this mixture, you can use garden soil -2part + sand one part and vermicompost -1part. After transplanting the seedling water the plant. After approx 40 days, flowering will start.

 Add vermicompost and water the plants. Your tomato plants growing up large. Support the tomato plants because the steams are weak. You can see that fruiting starts after about 50-60 days. To get more production and high-quality fruits we have to add phosphorus and potassium. For these, you can use potash along with DAP, SSP in inorganic manure. You can also use organic manure made of vermicompost 20gm + banana peal fertilizer 40gm + rock phosphate 20gm or at the place of rock phosphate, you can use bone meal mixed all three things in a given quantity.

 Now your fertilizer mixture is ready to use for 2 tomato plants. You can prepare more mixture in this ratio as your requirement. Add this mixture from time to time and water the plants. To keep plants healthy it is necessary to protect the plants from pests.

 After transplanting the plants spray the neem oil every 20 days if you want organic control. If you want to prepare neem oil 0.5%  you take 5ml neem oil, 1to2 ml liquid soap, and one-liter water and mix it well. Now, your neem spray is ready to use. For a good yield of tomatoes, keep neem spraying from time to time and keep adding manure. You will get a good yield of tomatoes.

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