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Papaya is a tropical, subtropical plant that is grown throughout the world. It is a perennial plant about 30 feet in height. In India, it is grown in most of the states. It is grown in spring (Feb-March), monsoon (June-July), and autumn (Oct-Nov). Papaya is grown by seeds.

Papaya from seeds:- Take seeds from well-ripped healthy fruit (Papaya). First of all, put the seeds into the water to check the quality of the seeds. Few seeds float over the water. The floating seeds are not suitable for germination. The seeds which settle down into the bottom, are of good quality. Wash the seeds and then dry up for a few hours in sunlight. You can directly sow the seeds into the land space or you can prepare the nursery of papaya.

To prepare the nursery of papaya take a small pot, and fill it with garden mixture soil. Garden mixture soil can be prepared by mixing 1 part of sand, 1 part of vermicompost, 2 parts of cocopeat, and 1 part of garden soil. Then sow the seeds 1/2 inch deep and cover them with a thin layer of garden mixture soil then water it gently. Place the pot in the sunlight. After 15-20 days papaya seeds will germinate. After 30-35 days it becomes a plant of 15-20 cm in height. Now it is ready to transfer to land space or another pot.

If you want to grow the plant on the terrace or roof, you have to transfer the seedlings into another pot of about 24-30 inches or grow bag having the garden mixture soil. Then water it properly. It will start fruiting after 6-7 months. In this way, you can grow papaya at home.      

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