What is the difference between Persian Garden and Italian Garden?

 Persian Garden:- Persian Garden is a formed and symmetrical garden style. It is the oldest style of garden. Persian garden style is based on the idea of heaven. In the Persian garden beautiful architectural work has been done.

Crafted materials like masonry, carved and pierced marbles, and highly polished stones have been used in the garden. The water-flowing canal is the main feature of the garden. Persian used a straight water canal through the garden from natural water sources. 

They used an artificial water canal by diverting some rivulet or stream where natural water sources are not available. In the Persian garden, there is a place where cooling water flows called paradise. Fruits trees are planted in the Persian garden which represents the symbol of life whereas cypress trees are also planted which represent the symbol of death or eternity.

Italian Garden:- Italian garden resembles the Mughal garden and Persian garden. Italian garden comes into existence at the time of the Renaissance. Renaissance was the period between the 14th and 17 centuries in Europe. The similarity bet the Mughal garden, Persian garden, and Italian garden is the use to heave masonry features and architectural work. 

Italian garden has decorated with fountains, Sculptures, water canals, box or yew hedges, Topiary, Arbor, trellis, and beautiful architectural buildings. Plants of ilex and roses are planted. The art of the Italian garden declined sharply in Italy with the fall of the Roman empire.

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