Difference between Park area and play area?

Park Area 

                          Parks is the area or places where different types of plants and animals are kept in a natural or seminatural and protected environment. These are set aside for human enjoyment, recreation, or the protection of natural habitats. Parks are setup aside in villages, towns, states, and countries. At the state or country level, these are administrated by the national or sub-national government or agencies. Parks includes grassy area, fountain, soil, trees, rocks, mountain, playground, water bodies, beach, or boat dock area. The village and urban parks often have benches for setting, barbecue grills, and picnic tables. A national park has vast natural areas of hundreds or thousands of square kilometers with a large number of wield life and natural features including mountains and rivers.

 Play Area 

                        The play area is the area of the ground or the place that is designed to provide an environment and facilities for children to play outside. The play area is also known as the playground or playpark. The Playground is usually designed for each age group of people like children, adults, old people, and also physically disabled people playscape is also a playground that is designed in such a way that provides a safe environment for play in a natural setting.
Modern playgrounds have environmental equipment Such as swingsets, sliders, jungle Gyan, merry ground, seesaw, sandbox, spring rider, chin-up bass, trapeze ring, mazes, and playhouses which help in the development of children's physical coordination, strength, flexibility, recreation enjoyment, social and emotional development.
The playground was also developed by installing equipment in the school, village, town, college, institution, restaurants, resorts, play areas of parks, etc.

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