Rose Grafting- How to graft rose on a tree

                                           Why we love rose

We all love rose plants in different colors and shapes. Rose is another name for beauty and elegance. Its different colors give us a marvelous feeling. Have you ever touched the rose? How smooth and soft it is. When you turn it down, it looks like a wedding gown of an angle. The entire nature created a bag full of beauty in the form of a Rose. Rose has the power of attracting people with its amazing appearance. The Rose plant itself has a beautiful charm in it. Rose has a separate vision that inspires everyone. When considering the plant, it has a thorn, and to touch the flower, we need to go through the thorn likely in life too.

When we see anything, the first thing that comes to our mind is color, and if I say about roses, Roses are available in all most all colors. In more than 360 species of roses, each species has all the 12 colors in them. This widely influenced people to get close to roses. Everyone has their favorite color, and people choose their things should be in their favorite color. However, sometimes they end up compromising themselves as their loved color is absent, but in roses no compromises, they can find all the colorful roses everywhere. The Red Rose is the most loved rose as it is the symbol of love. When you want you express your love, go and buy flowers online in UAE. Roses are available in red, pink, orange, etc. colors

Among all the entire flowers roses are cost-friendly; they are neither too costly nor too cheap. It depends on the species that we want. So every common person can buy roses, and they are grown everywhere. There is no soil restriction for roses, .so it is known as a quickly grown plant. It occupies less space, so every home is interested in having a rose plant in it. That’s how roses became part of families. Many people made rose gardening their occupation, and People started earning through rose flowers. Many online services have taken birth; we can send flowers to Dubai online. Gardens are everywhere nowadays as the area and land are less, most people prefer plants and rose has become a common need for everyone .it is easy to grow it, so everyone’s choice is a rose.

How to graft rose

There are many techniques of rose grafting. But now we will study only two methods of grafting.

  • Firstly selecting the best branch for grafting is very important. Select and take a fresh new and healthy branch of the rose plant it must be green because this will give 100% result. Bud grafting is a fast process. Now peel off the leaves just do and remove all the leaves from this branch and at the point as shown in the image we have to remove the thorn of the branch.
    because grafting needs a clear space be careful while handling the branch Now we have to make "T" shape cut with a blade or sharp knife. T cut graft is done on the rose plant this will be the perfect place.
    Do every step with a safe hand. Now slight peel of the cut part as the graft will go inside this T shape. Now take the bud of another plant or similar plant. The selection of healthy buds is very important. Just take the blade and take the bud with the single cut as shown in the picture.
    Now make the process fast as the bud may dry. Remember The shape of the bud is like as shown in the picture. Then insert it into the T shape cut in the branch. Now cover the bud with grafting tape of normal tape and perform all the processes as fast as possible for a better result. Use tape tightly so that no air and water go inside. Remember don't cover the bud. Then put this graft into the soil.
  • Cut Two branches of the rose plant. Cut off the excess leaves from the branches. Use a sharp blade to cut the bottom of the branches into 'V' shape. Trim the rootstock with the blade. Use a blade to cut the outer skin of the rootstock on both sides separately. Combine the scion with the rootstock. Just have a side cambium aligned and warp it up and fix it with plastic tape. Finally, be sure to put a plastic bag to moisturize. About a week later the grafted rose basically survived. Let's take off the plastic bag that was put on it. Yes, the rose branches have sprouted. But you still have to take care of it carefully. About to bloom. Untie the plastic strap tied to the graft. This is healed well. After spraying the water on the blooming rose flowers, It is even more beautiful!

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