Some Winter hacks To save your Garden from unexpected Snow


Rescuing your garden from unexpected snow

So here are some tips for rescuing your plants in the event of a whiteout.

Remove damaged growth

Weed out damaged parts of your plants by cutting them back to healthy shoots.

Pruning stimulates growth and stops the damage from spreading.

You must act quickly as snow can be unforgiving to new growth.

Shake branches

Snow can put a strain on branches, it can make branches snap and it can stunt the growth of blossoms on fruit trees.

Shake the snow off your plants to keep them safe.

Clear your greenhouse

Remove settled snow from the roof of your greenhouse so that your plants can continue to photosynthesize.

If you leave snow on top of your greenhouse your plants may struggle to get their daily dose of vitamin D.

The weight and cold temperature of snow can also cause cracking of your greenhouse roof.

Firm plants back into the ground

Young, newly planted crops, are the most vulnerable to frostbite.

After a heavy snowfall, firm your younger plants into the soil and add a layer of compost to improve their drainage.

This should protect them if frosty conditions continue.

Stake split stems

Fuse split stems by taping them together and attaching them to a stake to encourage re-growth.

Give your plants time to recover, patience is key when repairing them.

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