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 Hydroponic gardening technique:-

 Plants grow through a process called photosynthesis which needs sunlight, carbon dioxide, water & minerals, and chlorophyll. Soil provides support to the plants as well as water and minerals to the plants and it also provides oxygen to the roots for respiration but here the plants are grown without the use of soil, the essential nutrients are provided to the plants directly through the water is called Hydroponic technique. 

                  Hydroponic is a technique to grow plants without the use of soil. At the place of the soil, another alternative of soil is used such as perlite, gravel, or other substrates. These are the inert materials used for physical support. Plants grow with their roots exposed directly to the nutrition medium and sported by the inert medium.

                    The hydroponic system needs minute control over the environmental condition, temperature, Ph range, and nutrient solution. In a Hydroponic system, particular plants need a particular nutrient medium.

Hydroponic methods:- There are different hydroponic methods to grow the plant hydroponically based on the administration of water.

  1. Deep water culture hydroponic method:- The method in which plants are supported by Styrofoam and suspended into the deep water and air is pumped into the water by the air pump.
  2. Aeroponic method:- The method in which plants are suspended into the air and roots are exposed into the nutrient-filled mist. Nutrients, oxygen, and water are sprayed on suspended roots.
  3. Wick system method:- In this method or system to plats are used both are connected by wicks. Plants are nestled on a tray in a growing medium and placed on the top of the reservoir. The reservoir contains dissolved nutrients and air. The air and water are transferred to the upper plats through the wicks.
  4. Nutrient film technique system:- The method in which the plants are suspended above the continuously flowing nutrient solution that supplies the nutrients and air to the plant's roots.
  5. Drip system method:- The method in which we make a network of tubes and supply the aerated and nutrient-rich solution through this network. This nutrient-rich solution dripped into the growing medium to keep the plant's roots moist and well-nourished.  
  6. Ebb and flow system method:- This system is a relatively low-cost method. Also Known as the flood and drain method. This method is one of the most widely used methods. This method involves the periodic flooding and draining of the oxygen and nutrient-rich solution. The length of the period between floods and drains is depended upon the size of plants and the size of their growing bed.

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