THE gardening techniques help the gardeners to navigate through all, approaches to growing plants. gardening connected us to all those peoples who have come before us, caring for the earth and learning how to grow crops in a better way. Many such horticultural techniques are relevant even today. These techniques help you for better growth of plants and better yield.  There are many different types of techniques and a few of them are here

Organic Gardening technique:- Organic gardening is the technique that involves the growing of plants without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. The organic technique is very friendly for our environment and living things around us or the ecosystem. In this technique, we use naturally prepared manures for plants growth. It improves the health of the soil, plants, and other animals that surround the garden and humans also.

Biodynamic gardening technique:- Biodynamic techniques is based on that calendar which we have believed for centuries. Whose days, months, and years are based on lunar motion. The movement of the moon affects the five elements like earth, water, sky, air, and fire. It is connected accordingly root crops from the earth, leaves crops from water, Flowering crops from air and seed crops from fire and this also gives an idea of what the weather is going to be like and what will be the effect on crops? In this, sowing and harvesting are done based on lunar motion. It also includes components of cow-based agriculture. It also includes many other techniques. Full moon time is chosen for sowing and around new moon time is chosen for harvesting. The seeds are treated with cow urine. Due to this, indigenous fertilizer is of great importance. 

Permaculture gardening technique:- Earth, water, and air are influenced by us and we are influenced by these three. permaculture gardening is needed today. Because permaculture works keeping in mind the health of the land, water, and air.
Permaculture refers to a garden that can care for itself. Each plant in the garden....read more

Hydroponic gardening technique:- Plants grow through a process called photosynthesis which needs sunlight, carbon dioxide, water & minerals, and chlorophyll. Soil provides support to the plants as well as water and minerals to the plants and it also provides oxygen to the roots for respiration but here the plants are grown without the use of soil, the essential nutrients are provided to the plants directly through the water is called Hydroponic technique. 
                  Hydroponic is a technique to grow plants without the use of soil. .................read more

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