Permaculture Gardening Techniques

 Permaculture Gardening Techniques

Earth, water, and air are influenced by us and we are influenced by these three. permaculture gardening is needed today. Because permaculture works keeping in mind the health of the land, water, and air.

Permaculture refers to a garden that can care for itself. Each plant in the garden has a specific purpose. Some are gardens for food and others is grown for medicine and some other are used for another purpose.

Permaculture means permanent agriculture. Where all things are fixed forever.  The environment we create here is made up of many types of plants and animals. It becomes an ecosystem, in this, you can get maximum production every year. The main principle of permaculture is to make the land healthy. Because human life is not safe without healthy land. To make our work easy we add harmful chemicals into the soil. But have you ever thought that you are playing with your health along with the health of the land? Permaculture has no place in harmful chemicals. We can get good production and good health of our soil on less effort and less cost without chemical.

In permaculture, we create such a situation in which the land itself takes care of its health. This can be created by maintaining biodiversity or by introducing a large variety of trees. It prevents soil erosion and increases the water-absorbing capacity of the soil. It also increases the water level into the earth or is helpful in water conservation, which can be used for irrigation. Some plants increase soil fertility by nitrogen fixation. The dry level and branches of trees fall into the soil, decomposer into the soil act as natural manure which supplies the nutrients to the plant.

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