Gardening tools


TROWEL:- Trowel of different size available in the market. It is used to put the soil from one place to another place. It is used to dig the soil make it loose for air. It is also used to transfer plant from one place to another and also used for removing weeds.


Rake:- It is used for tilling the soil, to mix the manure or fertilizer to the soil, to make the soil soft.

Weeder:- Weeder is used for remove the weed with roots without damaging plant. It is very useful tool for gardener.

Pruning Shears:- Use to cut the plant stem for multiple or for cut the long branches of plants. It has sharp blades and can cut the thick branches of plants easily.
Pruning Shears

Spading fork:- Fork has three or four vertical blades. The main function to break the lumps of earth and also use to remove the old dead plants from soil.
Spading Fork

Gloves:- Each gardeners should have rubber gloves. Gloves protect our hands from cuts, infection caused from fertilizers insecticide and pesticides.


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