Gardening at home




                                              Human has a very close relationship with nature. gardening greatly affects the human lifestyle. Gardening is a relaxation practice to grow and take care of useful pants for various purposes or gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating of plants such as ornamental, foliage, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and medicinal plants.

We made a different type of garden at the home indoor garden and outdoor garden. It includes a roof, a balcony, a patio, and land space available near the home.
To improve the aesthetics of our environment we grow ornamental plants that give pleasure to our eyes.

Ornamental gardens are of different styles: formal style, informal style, freestyle, and wild style.

Formal style:- 

                       The formal garden is symmetrically designed and its component is geometrical. Roods, paths, and water channels are at a right angle. Mughal garden, Persian garden, Italian Garden, French garden are some of the best examples of formal gardens. Fountain, water pool, cascades can be used for further attractions.

                           1. French Garden

                        2. Italian Garden

Informal style:-

                          Informal gardens are unsymmetrical gardens. The components are non-geometrical, irregular water bodies and the land is no need to be well leveled. Hindu garden, Buddhist Garden, Japanese garden, Chinese garden, and English Garden are the best example of informal gardens. It represents natural beauty.

                    1. Buddhist garden

FreeStyle garden:-

                               It is a mixture of formed style garden and information style garden. It creates natural scenery. In the freestyle garden, no hard and fast rules are followed. The aim is to make the garden natural and beautiful.

Wild Style garden:-

                                In which style garden no principle or rules are followed to make the garden. The designer is free to make the garden but natural beauty should be created.

How to begin with home garden:-

                                                    The home garden was beautiful, it can be fun. We did it properly.
Some important factors should consider before planning for a home gardening

  1. Site Selection:  Selecting the site for gardening is very necessary. Select the place where the soil is loose, fertile, and well-drained. You should not select the water collected area or soil that remains wet. Select the area of proper sunlight. 
  2. Garden Size: Usually gardeners make the garden too big. It is important to mention that a garden that is too big in size needs Hard work and is difficult to care for. Therefore the size of the garden should be small so it is easy to mention the garden.
  3. Selecting plant: It is an important step of gardening. Usually, Many peoples get confused at this step because they don't know what will be the right plants for their garden.  It is avoided not to plant watermelons like plants in small gardens as they need too much area. There are other vine crops like greps, cucumbers, cantaloupes, and Cucurbits that can be easily grown in a small garden. You must plant costly vegetables. You must plant flowering plants like rose, bougainvillea, hibiscus rose Sinensis, Ixora, Lantana, Snake Plant, Money plant, Air plant, and milii.
  4. Plantation Time: Vegetables, in general, are divided into two groups based on season i.e. warm season and winter season. Cool-season plants can tolerate lower temperatures so you can plant them before the soil gets warm in spring. they can also be planted in late summer to yield after the first frost in the fall. Whereas warm-season plants can't bear frostiness, they will not grow when the soil temperature is cool so they must be planted after the last frost in the spring and early enough to mature before frost in the fall. Some flowering plants can tolerate both seasons these plant gives flowers throughout the year but some flowering plant gives flower according to the season.
  5. keep a record: Finally, keep a record of each and everything you do in your home garden it will help you in many ways like it help you in the next planting season. This indeed is one of the most important ways to improve your gardening.


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