Moist stick for money plant. How to prepare moist stick for money plant at home

 A money plant is a vine or a climber. It has a weak stem. It needs a moist stick for support or climbing. Without Support, it runs on the ground. For butter growth of healthy money plants or long-size leaves, the moist stick should remain moist that providing moisture and nutrients to the money plant. Money plants have roots below each leaf. These roots penetrate into the moist stick from which it takes to water and nutrients. We can buy the moist sticks from the market or we can also prepare them at home. We can also increase the size of moist sticks as a requirement. 

How to prepare moist sticks at home for money plant.

Coco coir moist sticks:- Take a plastic pipe fit a board base on one end from which it is placed into the pot. Then warp the coconut fiber on the pipe except for 6 inches from the base. Then cover it with the plastic net.  Your coco coir moist stick is ready. Place it into the pot and climb your money plant and keep it moist.

Moist Stick from coir rope:- Take a plastic or PVC pipe. Fit a broad base on one end from is is fix into the pot. Then take a coir rope and wrap it around the plastic pipe. Warp the two-layer of the coir rope and fix it into the pot. Your coir rope moist stick is ready for potting the money plant. Finally, water it to keep it moist.

Moist stick from mesh Net:- Take a piece of mesh net according to your required size. Roll the mesh net and make it a cylinder shape by tying it with plastic wire. Close the top hole of the cylinder. Then fill the coco musk pieces into the cylindrical mesh net. Then place and fit it into the pot. Then planting the money plant. Then spray the water on it to keep it moist. Your mesh net moist stick is ready.

Moist stick from jute sack:- Take a plastic pipe or PVC pipe and jute sack. Apply the hot glue to the plastic pipe. Then paste and warp the jute sack pieces around the pipe. And remove the excessive jute threads with scissors. Your jute sack moist stick is ready. Then fix it into the pot and pot the money plant. Water it to keep it moist.

Moist stick from peat moss or Sphagnum moss:- Take a bowl and soak the peat moss in it with water Let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes. After 15 to 20 minutes squeeze the water from the pot moss. Then take a metal net coated with plastic. Bend it like a half-cylindrical shape. Fill the  Sphagnum moss or peat moss in the metal mash. Then tie the sides of the mesh net with zip ties. Then place it into the pot. And potting the money plant. Your sphagnum mass moist stick is ready. Water it to keep it moist.

Soil coir moist stick:- Take plastic or PVC pipe and mesh net according to your requirement. Then place the coconut fiber and the mesh net. And the coconut fiber layer, place the layer of garden soil mixture. Then place the plastic pipe in the center of the mesh net. Then wrap the mesh net around the plastic pipe with the whole material by forming the cylindrical form. The mesh net with zipping ties your soil coir moist stick is ready. Place it into the pot and pot the plant. Then water it to keep the moist stick moist.

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