Areca Palm Complete care tips / How to save Areca palm leaves? / How to water Areca palm plant?

How to save Areca palm leaves? / How to water the Areca palm plant?

Areca palm plant is a very beautiful indoor plant. Wherever you keep it, this plant does not only increases the level of oxygen but also gives it a royal look. But it is very delicate, and very quickly its tips turn brown. And we don't understand why the tip is turned brown. I have two areca palm plants and both are healthy. I am going to give A-Z all information about this plant-like how to care for them, how to water them, pesticides, fertilizers, and each and everything. Each and everything in this article is very important So, read them carefully.

They are available in many sizes some are very small, actually they are young plants. You can keep them on the table, Some are of 4feet, 6feet. You can buy it from the nursery according to your needs. you can grow it from seeds. seeds are easily available in markets. But it is a very long or time taking process because this plant grows very slowly, from the seed fills some leaves, it will take 2-3 months. There is one more option, if you have a healthy and bushy plant then you can divide it into two or many plants from its roots. But the best is to buy from a nursery. When I buy it from the nursery, then always focus on one thing that I choose as the most healthy plant. Sometimes nursery people try to misguide you and give you a week plant of brown leaves, they clean it and take it lightly. But I suggest you do not compromise at all, If you bring a week plant then you may have to face more problems. It goes through extreme stress. But if you bring a healthy plant, you will have to face fewer challenges. Most of the time, we keep this plant indoors in shade, So you can grow this plant in any pot, ceramic, plastic, clay, cement, etc. My one plant is in plastic and one is in a ceramic pot. If you should use clay pots aver other pots.

Wherever I buy it from a nursery, I don't immediately shift to another pot. Because when we take the plant from a nursery, then they are in stress and shock and it follows certain rules for repotting of the plant so our plants will not any problem. The soil of this plant should be well-drained like other plants. But it should be compact also for the area. The upper portion i.e. leaves of the plant are very big in size as compared to its root and the grip of the plant inside the soil will become weak, the areca won't be able to stand straight, and it will start bending after some time. Hence, the soil should be compact also. We can take 60% off garden soil. Whatever is available in your location, red, clay, black, etc. Take 25% construction sand. Take 15% off compost, you can take either vermin compost, kitchen compost, or cow dung compost. We are not adding coco peat here plus the quantity of compost is very low because both these things make the soil very soft. If you have neem powder or fungicide or insecticide. Then you can add. The ideal temperature for this plant is 15 C to 25 C.

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